Who are we

Relocation and transportation of furniture is a job that we certainly know very well, since we have been experts in the field since 1970. We pay particular attention to the safeguarding of objects with special covering materials and we always secure for you the most affordable way for your service.

We provide additional value in our services to you

We take care of always providing you with the solution that you need only with one phone call by undertaking the complete carrying out of the transportation or the storage of the items by expertized crews.

Our services include Storages, International transportations, Hoisting works with cranes of all types, Relocations of enterprises and public organizations as well as micro-transportations and also organized house relocations.

Our prices have been assessed and evaluated from the largest houses of furniture as well as from the thousands of our satisfied customers and they have been judged as the most affordable ones. Since we deem that we could and we should prove you all these, we invite you to contact us right now either for a direct transportation either for private contact.

Epiplometaforiki has its headquarters in Thessaloniki. We also have offices in Athens as well as a network of associates throughout all Greece and Europe in order to cover any possible need you may have no matter where you are situated. It is needless to say that we undertake the transportation of your items throughout all Europe, Australia and America, always with safety, affordable prices and Professionalism.

We would like to thank warmly all of you whom we have had, do have and will have the honour of collaboration.


Μετακομίσεις - Μεταφορές - Αποθηκεύσεις - Θεσσαλονίκη

Epiplometaforiki Accept Credit Card Payment‎, so we can serve you even better and reliable.

Relocation and transportation Thessaloniki

Relocation and transportation Thessaloniki

Relocation and transportation Thessaloniki

Relocation and transportation Thessaloniki

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